A Shooting in the ‘Hood

Every once in a while, a homeowner will turn to me in the middle of a production and ask, “Is this shoot okay with my neighbors?”

That’s a tough one to answer because, a) I am not a mind-reader and b) it depends on who your neighbors are. I meet many neighbors ahead of time while going door-t0-door with “Shoot Day” information and most are perfectly fine with professional production crews. Because so many crew people have very specific tasks, they are often hanging out in their trucks or standing on the street quietly chatting between rolling sound, setting up lights or reviewing a take. Children playing ball in the street are certain to be noisier, but the sheer number of crew people coming and going can be off-putting to homeowners who view the street and sidewalk in front of their property as …. well, their property. It isn’t theirs, but they have an attachment:-)

How can you help them feel more comfortable about your guests? Use Alameda on Location, of course. We will reach out to everyone near you, corner to corner so that all are aware of your upcoming event. We contact the Alameda Police and city permit centers to ensure that stakeholders are also aware in order to ‘over-prepare’ for an unlikely occurrence. We hang out the day of your event so that concerned neighbors can ask us questions and express concerns. We do this because we know that production companies will shoot somewhere else if they don’t shoot here…and we don’t want to turn them away and shoot ourselves in the foot!