Sara Zehnder-Wallace is a longtime resident of Alameda with a background in media work. Alameda on Location started when her own home was used for a commercial production and the location manager said, “Hey Sara, you know a lot of people in town. You should start a business representing your friend’s houses.”

Always easier said than done but after a few hiccups, the site was born.

AoL is designed with the foremost intention of assisting location managers in their search for that ONE property that will rock their director’s boat.  It was also built so that AoL friends (and friends of friends) could show off their homes and businesses to the media production industry. The pictures you see on this website display much of what makes this town special and unique; we think the people are pretty great, too.

Location scouts can click here to peruse residential properties and businesses while interested property owners should visit our FAQs page to learn if their property has potential in the commercial production industry. See also how AoL gives back to its community through direct donations and the donations of our clients. Helping the community of Alameda is the best part of what we do!


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