Chronicle of a still shoot

Productions involve months of planning but there are always unforeseen changes at the last minute. Take this most recent still shoot to promote Chronicle Books merchandize: the photos were supposed to depict an outside birthday party with children frolicking amongst the foliage, balloons and cupcakes in hand. But, Mother Nature killed that option around 5am when she decided that, after a month-long dry spell, the bulbs might need a little drink:-)

So, into the dining room we went even while I imagined the worse: spilled milk, hand-prints, a game of toss with my antique vase. I mean, these weren’t actors but real kids– the children of a few Chronicle Books employees with a neighbor or two thrown in. But, as usual, the day was seamless and ended with cupcakes and kisses all around. Why? Because the adults were just as flexible as the kids, moving their schedules around as needed, and keeping little ones occupied between takes.

What about you? Not intimidated by sticky fingers and a little rain? Then contact us! Because the money you make hosting a production can buy a LOT of cupcakes ….and the smiles that go with them.