Giving thanks to Toyota, one edit at a time

An editor sees errors. That’s the job. But even the editor at the SF Chronicle had to admit that the shoot last week for Toyota Nor Cal went perfectly … and that’s saying something, especially because there was a dog, a turkey, and a tight schedule in the mix. This was a one day shoot at the residence of John Diaz, the Editorial Page Editor for the Chronicle, and it was his first run-through with Alameda on Location.

Here’s what he had to say: “Sara, Thanks again for all your great work in lining up and facilitating the shoot. I thought it went well, and was overall pleased with the experience. It was fun working with you, and I hope to do so again.”  We do too!

And the commercial? It’s the one with a Thanksgiving scene in which a table is set with food and family, who leave promptly  before the pie in order to make it to the Toyota sale event. Mom gets the pie to herself … which I thought was a win-win.

Another win-win that comes to my mind? Contacting Alameda on Location.