Why Say “No”?

We were recently contacted by a location manager with whom we’ve worked dozens of shoots. A director had seen a home in Alameda that looked promising; did we know the owner? We did. Would they be agreeable to a very small shoot with one van and a hand-held camera for a few hours in front of the home. We thought they would but surprise! They said “No”.

They declined the shoot because they didn’t really need the money and were concerned about the impact this might have on the residents around them. It felt at once respectful and polite … putting others needs before one’s own goes way back to kindergarten.

BUT Alameda has many needy charities that are supported by its generous residents and hundreds of dollars were offered for this small shoot, no more invasive than a tea party. What would the neighbors think about that, I wondered?

Just something to consider: a few more cars on your street for a day might mean a new home for a lost puppy or food for a hungry Alamedan.

So please, if you are lucky to have a home that is enticing enough for a commercial director to make an offer,  just say “YES”! Sheltering in place can take on a whole meaning when we do it together!