Why dogs are a production’s Best Friend

Like many people in Alameda, I like dogs. People who know me know that if my miniature poodle and my husband were both in need of extraction from quicksand, its anybody’s bet who’d be pulled out first. But, did you know that Man’s Best Friend is also a friend to all productions? Here’s why:

90% of the homes and locations listed with Alameda on Location sport a dog as their family member. In fact, the ratio is so large, that one of my first questions when locations are referred to our website is “Great! Does the property owner have a dog?”

Dog owners are chill. Maybe its the midnight barking, or the scratched floors, or the bunnies gathering dust in the corner of the dining room. You just can’t be too precious with a home or business when your dog saunters over the carpet after a long, hard day of digging.

So, no need to sit up and beg for attention! If you have a dog, we’ve got your treat right here, and we want to hear from you. Contact us today by sending in a few photos of your location. After we review them, we will schedule a meeting …. and maybe AoL will adopt your home/business for it’s next shoot!